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What is Music Therapy? 


Music therapy is the therapeutic use of music to help clients achieve non-musical skills for improving the quality of life. 


The skills include cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and language and communication. 


Music therapy interventions include listening to music, singing, playing instrument, songwriting, and movement to music.

Why and how is it possible for music to address such diverse skills? 

The unique qualities of music have the power to light up the whole brain area including areas responsible for motor actions, emotions, and even creativity. 


From listening to music or singing along to the favorite tune, to playing the instrument to moving your body to the rhythmic beat, we constantly engage with our sense, attention, memory, emotion, and physical response.


Therapeutic use of music and musical elements elicit sensory, perceptual, cognitive, physical, and emotional response in all human beings regardless of their disabilities and functioning levels. 

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