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Sometimes words are not enough for expressing and understanding the hardship we go through. Music is there for you to feel safe, accepted, understood, and supported. 


For the clients who are going through psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship and family dynamic issues, we use music to help express the emotion, address the problem, find healthier coping skills, and strengthen the inner-self. 

Music as a projective tool: Musical expression allows suppressed emotion to come out and the way clients engage and respond in music help identify the unresolved problems of the past. 


Music for self-actualization & empowerment: Music is a safe field for people to experience their true self, the self that constantly wants to grow and achieve its potential. 


Music therapy activities include song communication, singing, instrument play, song reminiscence, songwriting, music and imagery. The intervention also integrates verbal communication and counselling to address what was observed in music. 


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