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Music Therapy Process


All music therapy programs follow the following service procedure.



Client, parents, teachers, allied professionals, medical treatment team can make a referral to the music therapy. Upon the referral, music therapist requests information on the emotional, social, communication and developmental needs of the client. Music therapists can also inquire about the family, medical condition, or other information if deemed necessary.  Go to Online Referral


After the referral is made, a music therapist conducts 1-2 music assessment session with the client to identify the needs and strengths, current functioning level, client's preference, and music therapy suitability. Based on the assessment and discussion with clients or parents, music therapist designs the treatment plan.

When applicable, music therapists can consult or work with other healthcare professionals, parents, teachers, or social workers for helping the client in the most effective way. 


Musical interventions can be conducted as 1:1, small group, or home visiting sessions. Musical activities and techniques are based on clinical research and practical evidence, and music therapists utilize various musical resources and clients' strengths to address the needs and make positive changes. 


At this meeting, the parent/carer/team meets the therapist again for an evaluation of the Music Therapy programme and discuss recommendations for the future. 

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