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Children with ADHD often struggle with...


- planning and staying focused

- controlling the impulses and movement

- regulating emotions and reacting appropriately to others

waiting and giving up what they want

- paying attention and retaining information

- speaking without thinking the reaction from others


Music therapy can help children and adults with above difficulties enhance attention, social skills and emotional regulation in a motivational, yet calming musical environment.  


Music provides an excellent opportunity for children and adults to express themselves fully through singing, songwriting and instrument playing. Being able to release the energy, is a key for reducing the anxiety and restoring self-esteem.


Music is also a fascinating reward to motivate children to engage in social interaction and learn appropriate behaviors. Within the structured music activities, children are encouraged to take turns, play certain roles, and follow directions to complete the music. 


Music therapists transfer impulsive behaviors into meaningful musical performance, where children can get a sense of achievement and develop self-control skills. 


Children can also develop their attention, and memory retention by participating in purposeful musical tasks. Playing specific rhythm and melody induces focus and sustained attention.  



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